Sunday, April 26, 2009

Videos from Ukraine Ministry Trip 2009

These are some kind of random videos from my ministry trip to Ukraine...I hope you enjoy the opportunity to sample the sights and sounds of ...

A Train Ride Through the
Carpathians to Mukachevo 1 & 2

The Mukachevo Choir - Resurrection Day 2009

The Children Reciting Resurrection Day Scriptures in Mukachevo Ukraine

A panoramic of the Kyiv Train Terminal shortly before going to the airport for the trip home

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pastor Don Is Back From Ukraine

UPDATE: 15-24 APRIL 2009

We Prayed for the Shafers and Pastor Don as they prepared to go to Vietnam and Ukraine.

April 16: Pastor Don Arrived in Kyiv, Ukraine
After a leader's meeting he traveled 16 hours by train through the mountains to Mukachevo to begin a ministry tour through the region.
After doing leadership Training with the leaders of the Gypsy Church Pastor Don was privileged to preach the Resurrection Morning Message (Orthodox calendar) at Church of the Living God in Mukachevo (That is his home church in Ukraine).
Then the Gypsy Church in the evening where new doors are opening with the young people.

Train trip to Stryi (pronounced "Stray") to conduct a Parent Training and Leadership seminar with Pastor Ihor and Lyuba Huziy

Tuesday: A three hour train Ride to L'viv followed by a two hour van ride landed Pastor Don in Chervonohrad for a special, more advanced Parent / Leader seminar which brought two pastors from L'viv who want a two day Parenting seminar for the L'viv area in the future. It's hard to imagine, but they say, no one else brings this kind of teaching to them and that the parents here really need it.

A three hour van ride to Rivne where Pastor Don gave a parenting seminar at the church that we started building a relationship with about four years ago. It was a wonderful time of reconnecting with these precious folks.

Thursday: A four hour taxi-bus ride to the Kiev train station and the journey was just about complete...

...and as night settled on the ancient city of Kyiv a few fleeting moments of sleep were taken as a reserve against the long journey home...