Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Special Showing of "Amanda Rose" Ballet Performance at HCF

If you missed the live show, you are invited to watch the DVD showing of "Amanda Rose" on the Big Screen here at Henrietta Christian Fellowship on Saturday June 19th at 7 PM honoring the life of Amanda Rose Belmont and sharing a message of love and gentleness to the church. Presented by Yahweh Ballet and the Amanda Rose Belmont Center for Arts and Movement. Call the ARB Center at 585.442.7196 or visit http://www.yahwehballet.org/ for show information.

Direct Link to Show Advertisement:http://www.yahwehballet.org/DVD-Viewing-of--Amanda-Rose-.html

Link to Show Trailer Advertising the Henrietta Christian Fellowship Event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OAyeSV1W2Q

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunday Bulletin & Sermon Notes

The Sunday Bulletin and Sermon Notes for 6.6.10 are available by clicking on the link in the righthand column. We will continue using last week's sermon notes.

Connor Tillapaugh's Miracle Kid Story

Connor Tillapaugh was featured on this year's Children's Miracle Telethon. You can read his inspiring story at:


The Men's "Barn Clean Out" and The Spring Clean-Up Day

The Men's Barn Clean Out Night and The Spring Clean Up Day went really well. A lot was accomplished. Thanks to all who came out and helped. The barn is almost ready for the Barn Sale and the grounds look wonderful!

Putting our best foot forward to the community

Working Together...

Lunch Break!

A Special Thanks to All who helped

Friday, June 4, 2010

"GriefShare" at HCF

We will be starting a GriefShare group at HCF for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Details are available by clicking the appropriate link under "Favorite Links" in the right-hand column.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Honey Bee Tree Relocation at HCF - More Pictures

Honey Bee Tree From HCF Being Relocated

The pictures are :

1. The Beekeeper (Mr. Kopicki) getting the bees settled - Notice he always works bare handed.
2.Worker cutting the hive portion of the tree while a "cherry picker" truck holds the tree steady.
3. Breaking the trunk free
4. "Cherry picker" putting the trunk on the ground - having under-estimated the size of the hive we cut through the bottom part - the Hive was over seven feet long.
5. Bee keeper inspecting the remaining hive in the stump.
6. The beekeeper getting us some honey comb
7. Honey comb
8. Beekeeper putting a box hive on the stump to gatter the remaining bees

The Honey Bee Tree at HCF

We are in the process of relocating the honey-bee tree at HCF. Above is a picture of two workers looking at the inside of the hive in the uppper portion of the tree stump which was laying on the ground. Shortly after this picture was taken, the log was hoisted into a truck and taken to the bee-keeper's farm. The rest of the hive is still there with some understandably upset bees flying around it, So: best to stay away from the hive for a couple days.