Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Honey Bee Tree Relocation at HCF - More Pictures

Honey Bee Tree From HCF Being Relocated

The pictures are :

1. The Beekeeper (Mr. Kopicki) getting the bees settled - Notice he always works bare handed.
2.Worker cutting the hive portion of the tree while a "cherry picker" truck holds the tree steady.
3. Breaking the trunk free
4. "Cherry picker" putting the trunk on the ground - having under-estimated the size of the hive we cut through the bottom part - the Hive was over seven feet long.
5. Bee keeper inspecting the remaining hive in the stump.
6. The beekeeper getting us some honey comb
7. Honey comb
8. Beekeeper putting a box hive on the stump to gatter the remaining bees

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