Thursday, July 5, 2012

HCF Ministry in Ukraine

UKRAINE 2012 - You Prayed and God Answered

6.22.2012 - Pastor Don arrived in Kiev Ukraine

  • Conducted Children's Ministry Training for their new team
  • Preached in the Kiev church

Children's workers
Pastor Serhiy & Lasma
Sunday Service

Lviv - New Air Terminal (Wow)

Chervonohrad - Pastor Mikola and Family
Evening Service at Chervonohrad

Evening Meeting at Striy (Stree)

Liyuba, the pastors wife translated

Ministry at Koralevo
Children's Worker Training at Shipka

Mukachevo - Pastor Don shared at the Children's Outreach where we have trained children's workers for many years

The congregation at Mukachevo - Church of the Living God

Natasha did a wonderful job as the translator  

It is always a great joy to minister in Mukachevo...out in the congregation ministering one on one, just like home.

The Feldeshys in Budapest were the final stop before the journey home.

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